NASA Releases 3.2 Gigapixel #GlobalSelfie

See on – PhotographerMontreal   Gannon Burgett · May 23, 2014   A month ago yesterday, NASA invited everyone on Earth to step outside, snap a “selfie” and share it via social media using #GlobalSelfie as the hashtag. The goal was to create a giant mosaic of the historical “Blue Marble” photograph, using said selfies — … Lire la suite NASA Releases 3.2 Gigapixel #GlobalSelfie

#media #women #fail Dissolution of justice leads to more inequities

#media? Please, let’s be honest and smack the true responsibles… PUBLICITY… then leading to media… be honest and daring enough to tear down those big brands you cherish and talk about all day… Oh, by the way… publicity is like your own global psychologist… it’s is a response to your own « betise »… So be twice … Lire la suite #media #women #fail Dissolution of justice leads to more inequities

Where’s the real Life? (Où se situe votre réalité?)

TIMELAPSE… Virtual Time Lapse… In GTA V… quite the idea. To me it’s just an idea. I think what they intend to do here is see gaming differently and get us to stop and think to what extent the virtual world has almost no more frontiers with the real one… A strong topic nowadays with … Lire la suite Where’s the real Life? (Où se situe votre réalité?)


…Natalie Lind could play the zither, as one eager listener soon discovered. He, in that far corner, could only see the profile of the girl (just touched with a faint red from the shade of the nearest candle, as she leaned over the instrument), and the shapely wrists and fingers as they moved on the … Lire la suite Vicissitudes