SOMEONE LIKE ME (From « The Understanding », 1995) ——————-> [Thank you STAR, I LOVE YOU] I only understand the magic this moment and album and sing tittle were showing me back then.

How can we not appreciate Röyksopp? Their style is in constant evolution! I subscribed to their channel and I get great broadenning musical creation every week. Who cares? I’m a photographer, a professionnal one at that! But like Xavier Dolan, whom says being inspired by music, that, music drives his creative process and is also art of constructing a film! Even Nietzsche says you are nothing without music and those not dancing to are the crazies! Think what you may… Having known their music since their discovery in a restaurant I almsot wed the waitress in, some 7 years ago… you’ll obviously never nay-say me on this opinion. But here’s to yoour evaluation: I’ve collected at least three of their musical constructions I find just sufficient to proove my point. I just remembered: no wonder this beautiful girl from Luang Prabang Nicknamed herslef « STAR », for easy conversation and asked to nickname me « SKY »… she knew like many women of my life I needed to feel overlooking all of humanity and could only accept the gender to be far out way further up-and-behind-and-being-my-enlightenment-but-without-me-ever-noticing… A transporter of light. And tonight again, yet another one of those dozens of great women my life comes accross, salvaged my betise into reconing your peers love toward oneself. At 40… hey, it’s never too late! It really never is. If you do ever think it is, well you are living by concensus, by judgement you THINK others have on you. Well here’s some brainfood for you: Never forget as Budhism puts it: No one seeks to hate, just as no one desires suffering! (meaning, we all have our issues and have better to do than attack you, so if you feel attacked, think again and be mature enough to call yourself paranoid… or just realx one second and see it from that outter point of you… maybe you are just caught-up in you bad’s or stressed or feel missunderstood… Actually, the song I liked os much with STAR, was Triumphant.


I don’t feel like translating tonight! Anyways if you ARE french canadian, you are as bilingual as me 🙂



COBRASTYLE (posted in 2009on youtube)

SAY IT (out just this week on youtube)



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