Good Morning, kitty mimicking for breakfast

The video we’re all ripping off each other this morning, or last night…. or… OMG!!! Well if like everybody out there you’ve seen this video some time recently, you’re just as gullible as me, as to how media processes your attraction. Only I… ok I won’t make it something about me being sooooo different :p But when I see these I like to do the little effort of finding the source, the truest, purest, original, owner, as much as I can… I hate to see grabs and no credit.
That’s a side-effect of being a Photographer who’s elder peers and patrons tightly guided through copyright…

-yeah real cute Charles-Henri, nonetheless you are hoping to attract people to your blog and get out of the gutter ’cause your income is low this time around the year
-yeah ok, so what? I’m teaching people stuff! And explaining my philosophy as well and the latter in order counter those badmouths in PQ, Canada who tore me down out their ignorance, making me a horrid babling monster about his owning so many pictures. Yes I was a star before these ignorants showed-up. I think we call those people « haters » and « jealous ».


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