VERMIBUS – Dissolving Europe

I don’t know who’s the big engine, we may judge all we want, in consumption. Especially for fashion, lifestyle and those areas of the last things we need to live and enjoy the day. Europe or USA. Anywhoo… Although we’ll agree on this artists approach to the wake-up call movement is pretty amazing. Well organized, but moreover very talented. I’m baffled by how beautiful it is as much as albeit understanding the neccessity of RE-« exhibiting » it so that we get to see it. The price is high: where does this art go? Would you bet: the garbage… Unless some Joe out there collects them hidingly from the publicity pane’s owner. I know I would go and get the job just for that reason and get another Banksy out there, since my idea would be to gather and show. Hmmmm… would the authorities accuse me as an accomplice?

Genious idea!
(mine? yeah I think so… but I was actually congratulating his work/approach/way he understands all the bullshit I also see as most true artists do. Woah, am I self-congratulating here? Maybe but I saure as hell am not something that is not an artist and truth is on top of the crossed and checked list to-go-for)


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