Not only are rights bashed by the motion, but some officers instantly use fowl language, excess of force and refuse to abide by the law (as citizens are allowed to ask questions in the process – this one was repeatedly told to « shut » his « fucking mouth », that he’d be « slapped » in the « face »). The « best » part is being told to have some respect for them, when it is clear and RECORDED on AUDIO that they were very violent with their way of communicating and in disregard of anything remotely related to respect. So there you have it: violation of human rights and civil law, unjustified use of force, fowl language, verbal and physical aggression, intimidation and harassment. Not to say their interpretation of things is somewhat …retarded.

This video depicts one particular situation exhibiting all of this. Let’s hope they are not all like this, but from my experience on their aggressivity (I was looking to file breaking, entering and robbery of my unfortunately tourstly parked car back in 1996)… a lot are, just like here in Montreal. I’ll be cooler though with my city: they do actually display politeness and great respect when having to inform us of anything. Be it a broken tail light or time to leave the public park at 23:00hrs. They are available to dialogue, hell they’ll even let you off many times without due ticket! They’re kind and educated when not menstruated (some female cops can be quite a hassle on those days) or beating students (« red squares », « carré rouge ») during banal street manifestations agaisnt excessinve rise of schooling fees.

Good luck NYC


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