#media #women #fail Dissolution of justice leads to more inequities

#media? Please, let’s be honest and smack the true responsibles… PUBLICITY… then leading to media… be honest and daring enough to tear down those big brands you cherish and talk about all day… Oh, by the way… publicity is like your own global psychologist… it’s is a response to your own « betise »… So be twice and thrice as honest!

We all have our things… women say things to men, whites say things to blacks, yellows have ideas about browns… (I mean this in a silly way, I’m not even sure who is really racist about who… just sayin’) when will the ostrich syndrome stop all this hypocrisy, dichotomisation… it’s all intended to blurr the message, disperse crowds… focus on this matter and be different and unfair to others subjects and treat them differently… why do you treat everything according to values when in turn you hope for justice? Treat it ALL from the justice point of view and on the same line… Do you really think your ideas come from you? Do you really think you say of life and all its complexities it is complex because it really is? NO, it is not complex, you’ve been taught for lack of better wisdom and the fact that not really knowing makes you manipulable… So why so blind? …when all we really ALL want is for peacefull humanity. Everybody all together at once around justice and respect. BECAUSE IT’S EASIER TO BE DUMB… just the way you were instilluously taught to be. Of course you have different words to mention it… more respectfull and insiduously demeaning. And you call it diplomacy, soft-speaking, understanding, communication and openess.  How funny 😀

People posting this are actualy lurred by some MEDIA!!! WHERE DO YOU THINK THIS VIDEO COMES FROM?! PLEASE BE REAL AND THINK!!! You’re just being lurred over and time again, every moment life has given you the opportunity to change things. Start by changing the way you think, opften influenced and even you thinking on your own.

(sorry for this rant folks, I hope you actually start thinking autonomously. Because I for myself am very sad to see how gullible we all remain. I actually sense it’s getting worse and we are being even more blind by every day and every chance that goes by) It is not a rant, I hope to get you thinking and start some of our world over.

Keep seprating things in bits and you will never see your desired world come true. Back up a bit a look at the obvious big picture. Are we not all related and hope for happiness?


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