Steven Soderbergh Talks His Preferred Digital Cameras, His Opinion of 48 FPS, IMAX and More. By Adam Chitwood

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Posted by Adam Chitwood on February 4, 2013 • 

(…) « I have a long history with RED so I’m partial to RED.  I like the way it looks, I like the way it works, I like its size.  The Sony camera that’s a nice image, but the thing is a boat anchor.  When I first saw the Panavision Genesis I knew that wasn’t going to work because it was bigger than a Panaflex.  The whole point is we want it smaller.  The thing about the Epic, which can record full resolution without being connected to anything, you know, we have that shot in Side Effects where Rooney puts her foot on the gas, I just stripped everything off the body and stuck the camera behind the gas pedal.  Normally you’d have to saw a hole in the car to get that shot.  That’s the shit I want.  I want to be able to put it wherever I want. That combined with the sort of ethos of that company, which is that they are constantly upgrading. They’ve got a new sensor coming out, the Dragon, that’s fucking insane, like it’s a whole other level in terms of dynamic range, resolution, it’s crazy.  I’ve seen the tests on it, it’s nuts. These guys just stay up really late and they’re just never satisfied and they’re constantly pushing it. So I look at it as…if you’re conservative you should probably use something other than the RED, if you’re someone who likes to live dangerously and push stuff then you should be using the RED because that’s where it’s at its best. »

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