A Deeper look at Printing – Part 3 | Corné van Driel

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After printing a few samples for the previous post, and taking a slightly closer look at them with a loupe, I noted some very interesting artifacts. I’d like to discuss these a little as they might be important for optimising image sharpness and colour detail. Below is an extract from the Profile 1 sample. Looking at the overall image nothing seems to be particularly wrong, but with this slightly larger view, there is a definite grain to the black patch that shouldn’t be there since the black in the original chart was pure black and the printer has black ink. The pattern is very rough and clearly has a variation in colour density. I’d even say I’m seeing some green and magenta artifacts in the grain. It looks like my printer is mixing in additional colours, perhaps to increase the yield from black cartridges, but more likely because the black points weren’t matched between input and output….

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